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probably a stupid question

to get to the question, ive got to tell a story. Im new to mma, having only been attending my school (JG MMA in west chester ohio) for a week and a half. After the first muay thai class, i loved it, even though it beat my ass. At my last class, we worked on bobbing and weaving out a single collar tie. I thought I got that down pretty well. After that we moved on to taking bobbing and weaving further. Instead of an uppercut-jab combo at a focus mitt and then bobbin and stepping out, we just bobbed, stepped aside, trapped the arm and then got into a muay thai clinch. My sparring partner noticed i was incredibly inexperienced since i couldnt get the clinch right. At first i just had a (boxing/training glove covered) hand on each side of his neck. He then told me the "correct" way was to have one hand sort of cup the back of his neck and then put my other hand over that. So far in none of my previous class, despite having plenty of other beginners, weve done nothing about the correct way to be in the clinch, just basic strikes, combos and the bobbing/weaving. So I come to ask, how is the correct or best way to do it? I know I could ask my instructor, but id rather see if what my partner had told was the right way before asking him. thanks for any help
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