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My workout program/questions?

Okay, so I am obviously new here but this seems like I good community(unlike sherdog lol) so I am going to bother to ask for some advice since everyone here seems very knowledgeable on the subject at hand....

p.s. *my build* I am 16 years old, I am about 6'2ft and I weigh right at 155. I am in pretty decent shape somewhat small. Basically my body is okay except my core could use some work and I would like to get a good start during this summer. I don't want to aim too high and end up getting disappointed but I don't want to be little myself so my short term goal is to do the best that I can this summer. My ultimate goal for this year is to bulk up to 205lbs by this time next year with a nice muscle mass.

I will be also looking into getting some creatine and whey of protein, the good stuff. I already have my diet down its more about the workout part now.

Before I get into this let me make this clear I am a freaking farm boy, I don't live too close to an actual gym and such so since I decided I wanted to get into better shape this summer I am going to pretty much to avoid actual weights(I know how much it hurts) except like once every two weeks. The good thing is that I don't have a shortage of stuff to train on. I guess it would be best to list the equipment I can use to train...

*350lbs in sand (cant even lift this as Im small but I got enough) - I plan to use this more for gain use then the standard 50lb exercises, obviously. I am sure I could use this to gain str & power by doing different kinds of lifts and carries, probly some sort of deadlift or press and release as well. Good for grip strength

*Big Sledgehammer - Can anyone say smashing time? Basically Ill just pound into a tire, old tree, or the dirt. I know the technique how to swing it, I need more of how and when I should use it and for how long.

* TRX suspension trainer - can be found here (Google it. ). Some may say its a gimmick, it actually works quite well for certain things, if you have a good incline. I usually use this for any part of my body it can easily do bicep curls, one armed bicep curls, hamstring curls, squats, single leg squats, single leg curl, back rows.... lots of things.

*Heavy Logs - I guess these for squatting etc.

*My homemade(lol) weighted sled- as far as I know it can support up to 400lbs

*Pull up bar- dips, pull ups I guess?

*My own body and determination - of course!

Now basically heres what I was thinking...

Monday: Upper body /pull day -sandbag 3x5(or so) lifts, press/releases, wide grip pull ups and carries, possibly deadlift the log? Sledgehammer fun.
Tuesday: Run 2 miles (it will go up each week and so forth, basically my running sched will follow nearly the same as the seal workout for running wise)
Wednesday: Press/up day - overhead presses, dips, cleans. On the TRX I could inverted rows and flys.
Thursday: Run 2 miles, rest and yoga
Friday: squat/lower day - Sandbag heavy squats, zerchers, lunges(with sandbag or weighted object) I will also do hamstring curls for the back of my legs using the TRX.
Saturday: Run 2 miles, stretch
Sunday: Rest

Okay please give me some ideas on what I should do to get fit, again I really do have access to real weights so if you have an idea what I can lift/train with that you can find laying around or at some hardware store please let me know. Also any tips on how I can mix this up without having to use weights so that my body doesn't plateau every few weeks.

Also I know what I should eat, post and pre workout I have a good idea about that how much carbs/protein/water, also I will basically follow 3 weeks workout 1 week rest, repeat.

If you need to know anything else let me know.

Please be nice and thanks for the input!
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