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Best Martial Arts Style to train For Street Fights.

I come to an MMA forum because i figure i will get the most diverse answer, and straightforward answer possible.

My question might sound like one from a douche bag wanting to pick fights. However its quite the opposite, I have never been in a fight. And knowing it takes years or even decades to become proficient at even 1 style of martial arts means I cant simply try them all out.

So to be practical, as i have NO wish of fighting in tournaments or to compete. My only thought is, IF i happened to get into a situation where I would need to throw a punch, to be able to do some damage or minimize the damage i take. What school of fighting would be most applicable to a bar fight, or a skirmish on the street. Boxing? Kick boxing?

What Style would be best to train in, as a hobby. I would not be able to train 5 times a week all year. But closer to 1-2 a week @ the location then a few hours a week on my own at home.

(im not asking for which style is superior, or what will make me the best fighter all around. Strictly a street fight 1-1 , or 1-2. I know i wont become a fighting machine with a couple training sessions but I know there is a difference of night and day between some training and no training.)

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