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Today, I started at 6:30am.

I put in 4 sets of 15 50Lb dual-curls, 4 set of 10 50Lb Squat, 100 sit-up after stretching for about 25-minutes.

After this light workout I went for 20 minute jog roughly 2 or 2.5 miles.

I sucked ass on the run though, was only able to jog at a quarter of a race pace. I was a cross-country runner back in high-school. Give me a month or two and I'll be able back in running shape...(5m30s was my best 1st mile).

Later today I'll do another light workout like above then head to my shed and put in a 1-1.5 hour session on the bag working on my roundhouse-technique, I'll add in a driving strike as well for the legs.

I will also focus on a combo-set which I'm calling combo one for practical ease. It opens up with a heavy right-roundhouse, the bag doesn't move laterally with this one it actually goes back about a foot to two foot as it is traveling backwards I'll rush-in and put in 6-12 body shots followed by 4-8 head-strikes after the head-strike is done I back peddle and look for an opening.

I'll be doing a bare minimum of 5 sets for the combo one attack with about a minute of rest between each set.

After I finish work on (combo 1) I'll wrap the session up with 2 5-minute periods of mixed full-speed, full power striking.

My goal is to start running about 2 to 2.5 miles a day for a week or two then move to 4 mile-runs for another week or two and go about it like that until I can do an 8 mile run.

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