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6/14 - Endurance Training


Warmup Cardio - 0930-0940

Exercise Bike @ Medium Resistance for 10 minutes

Light Resistance Circuit - 0941-1000

1 minute per circuit station, weight used is 5lb dumbbells with a face pace and 23.5lbs on the cable punches

30 seconds rest between circuit

A: Alternating Front Deltoid Shoulder Raises
B: Lateral Shoulder Raises
C: Bent Over Rows
D: Arnold Curls
E: Alternating Front Deltoid Shoulder Raises (This time arms are held out in front and move no more than 5-6 inches)
F: Standing Overhead Tricep Extensions
G: Bosu Ball Sprawls
H: Cable Jabs/Punches (30 seconds per arm)

Light Barbell Circuit 1001-1030

15 reps per exercise, 2 sets total, rest between and after sets is 2 minutes on exercise bike

Set 1 - 75lbs
Set 2 - 45lbs

A: Standing Rows
B: Bent Over Rows
C: Romanian Dead Lift
D: Squad + Shoulder Presses
E: Bent Over Underhand Row

Shoulders (Rotator Cuff) and Core - 1031-1045

Shoulder Internal/External Cable Rotations
A. 15 x 17.5lbs (Per Arm)
B. 15 x 17.5lbs (Per Arm)
C. 15 x 17.5lbs (Per Arm)

A. Suspended Pike x 30
B. Suspended Knee Tucks x 30
C. Front Rollout x 30

Trainer left the gym...

Extra Workout - 1050-1130

Just did heavy bag standup drills during this time using 10oz bag gloves

Since I have a bruised rib I am going to skip martial arts classes this week but do cardio and blast my core in the evenings instead to let my rib recover and not risk aggravating the injury. I will post another log of my core and cardio workout after I am done. Looks like I will be doing cardio 5 days this week!
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