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Today has gone well, my training partner has confirmed my leg-strikes are getting crisper this is great news.

I did 15 sets of my combo 1 attack. I sort of went tech savy today heh, I had the partner tape a half-set 5-combos on my cell phone. If and when I figure out how to get the movie off the phone I'll try to get it up on here.

I for the video I had one combo that was shit...the right-roundhouse was horrible, it didn't land flush and I rushed in way to close and it was just crap.

But hey, 1 totally worthless combo out of 5 isn't horrid since I've only done about a hundred attempts so far...

I found out my left leg isn't as useless as I thought prior today. For me it feels totally un-natural for me to use the left leg for a leg-strike.

I was able to pull off a snapping left-roundhouse with fairly good precision.

I worked on high roundhouses with the right as well and continousley struck around 6 foot one of the strikes fell a bit strange it struck the front-center of the bag all of my other strikes would land on the side of the bag.

I love throwing knees and elbows, but it is a pain when they just slide off the bag due to how much sweat is on the bag.

Overall I spent roughly 90-minutes on the bag today.

Is it really a problem in a fight situation dealing with sweat on the upper-torso in regards to striking with your knees or elbows?

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