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Originally Posted by mroutdoorsman View Post
Overall not bad but here are some quick pointers for you.

Cardio... Your cardio should focus on explosive energy and pushing yourself to the max in bursts. Wind sprints up hills, trail running and anything non traditional is prefered. Sprint wise up hills a good thing to do is sprint as hard as possible up the hill and then jog back down but force yourself with resistance and then repeat and do this to fail more or less.

For the lifting hit your full body every day and work in as many olympic style lifts and atheletic movements as possible. With the deadlifts make them a power clean and move from the clean into a shoulder press.

I am not sure on the material of the bags for the sand bags but try to do lifts and throws with them and other plyometric exercises while using them.

Pullup bar depending on how it is situated and where can be used for a lot of exercises and a lot of variations on the regular pullup. Dips are best for home workouts to be done with chairs from my experience.

Turn your workout days into as much of a circuit as possible and focus nearly everything on explosive training. If you are big, strong and can't explode and move quickly with that energy and strength it is pointless. You have to remember you are trying to train your muscles and body to sustain itself at a full 100% use and exertion for 3x 5 minute periods or possibly 5x 3 minute periods.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask and I will help all I can!
Thanks for the tips they really help. I only have two questions left for you or anyone else to answer as I would really like to hear a few opinions on this stuff.

1. How would you suggest avoiding the plateau effect, how should I change it up so that it doesn't happen? Any ideas and suggestions would be good.

2. What is your opinion on making a homemade dumbbell from some sort of heavy duty bar, and make plates from cement or just attach my sandbags somehow. I could maybe use tires as Ive seen this done as my mom will only allow me to buy a set if BUT it HAS to go either in our garage or outside, but I am not taking a risk with that sort of money so I want to construct you own. Purely using sand for lifting can be a challenge for certain things so what would your opinion on making my own dumbbell, out of sturdy materials of course. Good or bad?

It does the same thing so shouldn't it work?
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