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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
HAHA I just read it again. By "telling everyone here off" I meant the people I was at work with. Not the people on this site. I love this site! I was just extremely agitated at work on friday. I wouldn't tell off my MMAF homies!
I figured you meant work...

Originally Posted by TheGrizzlyBear View Post
I just made my appointment for my HIV Hep B, C blood tests....

...(HOGH you might want to get checked too...)

I've decided to just man up and go Pro seeing as the commision is stonewalling ammy fights here still...
Good luck!!

Originally Posted by Spoken812 View Post
Yo, can I bum a ride with you to the clinic? I might as well get tested now knowing that you and Darkwraith get around like a door to door salesman.

It was a gift to you my lovely dark chocolate bunny...

Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Hey my lovelies

Yesterday I thought a little bit about my future and what I should do after I finished my school exams in 1 1/2 Years.

And I always had this dream in the back of my head to go back to Asia. I always wanted to visit Japan ones and spend a year over there. I have been to South East Asia already, Australia, NZ and so on for a couple of months, but Japan is my dream.

What do you guys think about a 1 year Working Holiday Visum for Japan?? I have zero Japanese experiences and I heard it's pretty tough to travel around Japan with only English because nobody speaks it outside of the big citys.

I already did a Working Holiday ones, so I am not sure how I should tell my immediate family that I wanna do a second Working Holiday. They all push me to finally get into work after the school, so..

Do you think I should do this one more time??
I say f*** it.

Thanks to Toxic for the Awesome Sig!

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