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How often do people talk shit to you?

This morning I was driving my wife somewhere.... Okay it was a university but as I was driving away a group of maybe 4 ass holes yelled shit at me as I was driving by. I was driving a 2005 mitsubishi lancer evolution with a carbon fibre hood and a few upgrades (but its not loud at all, so no loud ricering, even though it has a ton of power). I e-braked, stepped out of the car and started calling people bitches. I know, really mature, I know. And I almost kicked the shit out of some ass holes. It was over nothing, and trust me I could have easily ,it was obvious they weren't formally trained.

So my question is how often do you walk away from fights? What is the baseline for fighting someone? How badly did I handle the situation? What would you have done differently in such a situation?

This is also a previous fight experience thread. Including times when you got into fights etc.


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