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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
I'm afraid we are two birds of a feather.

I am the violent one. The guy to dodge that punch, the one always on his guard and almost certainly the one who lands first in a fight. I've been in over 20 street fights, im not proud of that but I do handle myself nicely. I think its a partially instinctive thing, its just here. Its the same meanness I saw in my dad. Although he was a violent son of a bitch, its primal and I have a hard time battling it.

That we are my friend. The last fight I was in the guy ran up on me yelling and I tore into him. Im an angry guy but I never lose my head or "black out" like some people. If you run up on me Im swinging. As it turned out the guy was looking for somebody else and mistook me for was dark .... But oh well
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