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Brazil is awesome. The 20+ hour itinerary wasn't. I'm not going to complain about that stuff though. The place I'm staying in is a decent shared accomodation type house with like 10 of us from the states, canada, UK, etc. I'm in a bunk bed until I get ahold of my own room in a month or so. The weather is nice but not too hot. It's their winter, which basically means everyday is like a nice day in Chilliwack.

We headed down to an outdoor bar thing around 2:30 and Rio de Janeiro basically shut the **** down so that everyone could watch the soccer game. During the soccer today they were so ******* enthusiastic and excitable, it's really charming. People are super friendly. A dude I was sitting next to on the plane turned out to be a pretty high ranking jiu jitsu guy and had a tattoo on his arm of the gym I'm headed to...seemed kind of fateful. I'll catch up with him later, he says he's going to show me a bit of the Brazil experience in a few different senses.

The women are definitely hotter than average and usually just my type =). I met this girl from Australia and her Brazilian friend sitting in the airport so I'll see if they'll take me out to see Rio at some point. I've already had a few confusing language barrier moments. Even in Southeast Asia I could pretty much get by entirely on English, but I'm going to have to learn a few things out here. Going to grab some groceries and do my first day of training tomorrow.
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