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Slept hardcore and then hit up some groceries. That was a bit more challenging than at home but I picked up a decent amount of supplies.

First training session! I did the gringo BJJ class first. There was maybe 10 of us. A black, brown, few purples, few blues, two whites. Gerbil taught the class and his teaching skills we obvious right away. Did two half guard passes. Start with pushing their neck and side down, wrap hands around their legs gripping hand around wrist. Sprawl out legs and keep pelvis as flat as you can. If necessary might have to inch your body down "caterpillar" to open their legs. One hand grabs your own pant leg to keep their legs trapped. Your bottom knee comes in under and pulls their lower body onto you, free hand reaching over so you're facing away. Then transition as you would into side control. Other one starts from the sprawl out, then you reach around their legs with one hand and grip their pant leg, straightening out your arm as you walk your body over and around their legs, then reach behind their head to finish in their side control. From their we underhooked their far arm and walk their shoulder up, sneaking in a knee on belly. Gerbil emphasized the importance of cupping their hip with my foot. Then just slide into mount and americana.

In rolling my first round was with a blue that I had a good 40 pounds on. He had better technique than me and neutralized my guard and kept me off his back...but with a bit of muscle I managed to sweep him and keep mount. From there I tried a variety of finishes but didn't land any. Next round was with Gerbil and he was completely dominated me but wasn't a jerk about it. His hip bump sweep rocked me a few times and he armbarred me at least twice. Not sure what else he got with me. Next was a purple that I pulled guard on and we jumped around positionally for awhile. He had wicked technique, half guard battled a bit, he took my back. Finished me with some sort collar choke involving a leg from his guard after I turned in. Good rolls, I was more exhausted than usual but it felt good to get back in there again. I'll do the same class tomorrow and attempt the Brazilian class a few hours later if I'm feeling good.

Here we go!
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