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Sorry guys, I forgot to post for yesterday.

I am starting up a new tear-down process come monday, I am in the middle of getting prepped for it...

My 1st tear-down left my arms in a state of recovery for about 4-days, it got to the point where I couldn't pick up a 2-4 pound pizza without cringing.

I have an 80-pound bag of salt in a trekking pack.

My goal for monday will be a bare minimum of:

10 sets of 10 @ 80-pounds dual-armed curl.
10 sets of 30 @ 60-pounds dual-armed curl.
10 sets of 50 full sit-ups.
10 sets of 15 leg lift crunch.
10 sets of 15 regular pushup
10 sets of 5 fist-pushups
10 sets of 5 pull-ups.
10 sets of 5 60-pound squats.
3-mile run.

For Tuesday I'll double this up.

I need a fresh base again It'll hurt like hell doing the 2nd day, but I'll be reaping the benefits.

I have had to lay off the 80-pound lift for a bit I hurt my right wrist a bit during the 5th week of training. This Monday coming marks my 15th week of training!

In prep I'll be doing half the workout I described up until Monday minus the 3-mile runs over Saturday/Sunday those will be my re-coup days from running.

I saw a blurb about Tiger Muy Thai, it would be killer to be able to go over to Thailand for 3-months, I did some calculations and it'd take me roughly $3,200 for the whole deal. Who knows if I'll be that lucky to be able to get some training from there prior to my 1st amateur fight.

Lord willing I'll get the chance.

I've done some wicked shit in the training, One of my worst and favorite drills is putting 10 pounds of wrist-weight on and focusing on technique punching.

A straight right punch will tear my muscles and leave me sore for at least 5 days. I hope to start doing this punch endurance on a regular basis soon.

If I can do the endurance training every other day I should be able to punch through the pain eventually right?

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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