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Originally Posted by carlos415 View Post
well we're gonna be squaring up,hes gonna have his hands up and so am i,he has a weakness,he wears glasses and he could only see a little when he takes them off...he takes them off when he fights.
Face palm*

Okay are you guys going to be wearing gloves? You see im an excellent kickboxer and even I don't like to fight average joes fairly.

If you both are wearing 16ounce gloves and you keep your hands up it'll be hard for the average guy to knock you out regardless of anything else. I can't teach you fighting skill in the span of 5minutes online. In this situation I'd say wear gloves, wear a mouth peice and you said he's 50lbs heavier so try and wear him out. Fat ****s gas quick in fights, avoid the ground and keep your chin down.

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