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Georges sounded intimidated on having this match and said he didn't want to have it because hes a whole different fighter now. But that is nothing. I think if he comes in like he did against Frank Trigg and Sean Sherk he could easily take the title. But if he fights like he was against BJ Penn he could be dominated.

When Matt Hughes comes in with a lot of intensity and actually trains a lot like he did against Royce and Frank Trigg the first time he could also easily get a win if Georges is intimidated at the same time. But if he hardly trains like he did against BJ Penn and Sean Sherk and Georges is like he was against Trigg then Hughes can kiss his belt good bye.

It's unpredictable who would win this fight since Georges is on a mad streak and when Hughes trains hard for really good fighters and I really want Georges to win but I believe Hughes will win. I'm tired of seeing Hughes with that belt though and defending it against easy fighters like Joe Riggs and Renato Verrisimo.
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