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Today is a good day, I just got some extra kit.

So far for my kit for working on the bag is as such:

A 6-8 ounce neoprene padded hand-wrap glove by Everlast.
A set 108 wraps by Everlast.
A set of 12-ounce boxing glove by Everlast.

I decided to test out the gloves about 5 minutes ago and was thoroughly shocked. I wrapped up my right hand got the hand-wrap glove on beneath the boxing glove.

All I can tell you is I was working straight-rights maybe a hook or two...then all the sudden the supposed 200-pound ties (2) snapped this sent the 70-pound bag crashing to the floor.

I guess I'll have to get a quick-link deal and use the chain that came with the bag. I thought several weeks ago it was a novel idea using the much for ingenuity.

On a good note though, once I get the bag ready again I'll be able to train harder and longer without any pain in my hands.

I'll look around a hardware store Tuesday morning for something.

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