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Gringo class

Warmed up going over the half guard passes we did two days ago.

Then we worked on some new half guard passes...The hip switch pass was something I knew already but the new detail is to get both underhooks, then grab at their collar and lift their arms up and out, basically removing their arms from the equation. Then you lift your ass and dry hump that leg free, switch the hips and kick free.

Going to be hard to explain the next. Jeremy called it a dragon tail pass. From half guard your far hand goes over their body and under their armpit, hand flat on the mat. Then you kick your legs over to the other side, facing their legs. The hand flat on the mat goes to their belt and your elbow pushes back to keep their arms up and out. Your butt scoots back to do the same on the other side. Then you use your free leg and arm to slowly pry out into side control.

The other thing works off the last pass, when you screw up the dragontail pass and get underhooked, you basically sprawl and do a superman spin back, with both your arms on the other side of his head, so you're perpendicular to his body but still in half guard. Yeah, hard to explain. Then we put it altogether in a combo of 4 half guard passes and drilled.

We did some guard passes just working to pass eachother's half guards, then Jeremy pulled out some tennis balls which we basically use as a handicap, so one person has to hold one or two tennis balls which really limits what you can do with your hands.

My shoulder got tweaked a bit today and my ear has filled up again so I'm going to drain it and take the rest of the day of. Today was the first day with headgear which seems to feel pretty good, probably something I should have started with earlier.
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