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Today we all went for dinner at this all you can eat pizza thing where the waiters walk around with trays of pizza and you say yes please or no thanks in Portuguese as they try to make you eat their pizza. The types of pizza were crazy. There was the standard pizzas you'd expect, then there was like an omelette pizza, taco pizza, etc. Then for dessert, they had like banana cinnamon pizzas, crepes stuffed with chocolate and strawberries or marshmellows and white chocolate, white chocolate m&m pizza, raspberry puree pizza, banana chocolate cinnamon, etc. I starved myself most of the day so that I could make the most of it. ******* insanity. I forgot that you were supposed to eat the food with a fork and knife there so I looked like a bit of a caveman and got these weird looks from tables around me when I picked up my first slice and dove into it. I'm taking pictures next time. We're going to a Brazilian all you can eat BBQ tomorrow, then I think I'm going to my first Brazilian night club tomorrow to send a dude off. Apparently we get 5 new people on sunday so this house is going to be packed.
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