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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post

With the Stick-and move stratagem, would you land a preemptive strike an the then fall back immediately?
There are a few different options with the stick-and-move strategy.

You can use a pre-emptive attack game-plan. In this way you are able to push the pace of the fight and, if you combine nice fluid and rapid instep kicks with equally nice and fluid footwork, you can keep your opponent guessing as to where the kicks are coming from. Of course these two areas aren't the easiest to mesh together in that to even throw a kick you must be static, and footwork(obviously)entails movement. It requires very skillful reflexes and impeccible balance.

In a counter-striking game-plan, things are slightly different. With this idea you goat your opponent into coming forward, not necessarily attacking, just moving aggressively. As he comes in you counter his forward progression with solid kicks to the body or attempts for the head, either are effective, however the roundhouse alone cannot be used in this context, it has to be supplemented by thrust and snap kicks to keep the opponent from taking advantage of your style choice.

The addition of leg kicks, using either the instep or shin can be used in both game-plans. To pre-empt the opponent, the instep leg kick can be used to wear down both the inside and outside of the opponent's lead leg with rear-leg roundhouses, as well as lead-leg roundhouses and reverse roundhouses. In the counter striking strategy, striking the opponent's lead leg with shin kicks can be vey devastating, especially if the leg is straight and not bent when the kick lands, i.e. if the opponet is backstepping in reaction to another part of the counter(a switch kick is a good example). If the leg is straight, the knee joint is essentially floating within the kneecap, ligaments, and tendons. By striking this area at full extention the knee joint can become misaligned, a temporary disadvantage, but one that can easily be taken advantage of, to great results.

These are just two strategies that have worked for me when relying on kicks. I'm certain there are more, I'm just not a developed enough Martial Artist to have thought of them!

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