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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
Still absolutely pissed over this game and the bullshit reffing. That ref should never be allowed to ref youth league games- he blew calls on both sides(great job on the hand ball call when the ball smacked the player on the face- obviously head=hand in his book)- dude is fukking idiot.

Terrible terrible reffing and the US got screwed on writing history as one the best comebacks in World Cup history. Great job jackass- you suck beyond belief.

Just re-watched the game and the free kick that caused the controversy- yeah- out of all the fouls committed on that play it was obvious the US should be called for one. Fukking unbelievable and thanks for screwing up a historic game moron.

I know how you feel man, the more I look back on stills and footage the more ridiculous it is. I knew from the live replay that it should have been a goal, but all the footage after just gets me more angry. At least now if you guys beat Algeria you have a good chance of getting through.

This image shows that its clearly SLOVENIA that are in the wrong.

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