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This is interesting.

I am comfortable with snapping roundhouses with my left side right now.

I can pull off some nice thrust/push kicks with the right along with some nice roundhouses on this side as well.

At current I can throw a right-roundhouse higher than 6 foot.

From what you're saying with the Counter-striking stratagem I think this would be a good idea for me at least.

Say for example I would be moving in a circle from left to right my left foot is my lead with the rear foot being my right.

I could posture up for a second or two and throw a snapping roundhouse into the guys right leg unless his left was closer.

I haven't worked on side kicks yet I hear they are nice, but I haven't found the fluidity from them as of late.

If I would get the chance I would love to throw heavy right roundhouses into the low-leg or knee of the opponent.

With one of my combo-sets I will strike either low leg, knee, or ribcage then as the opponent is phased go in and start a volley on the body and work my way up the torso for a maximum of 5-seconds then dart out.

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