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Whew. Another day down in Rio de Janerio. Gym was closed on sunday... I feel like I've been slacking off, but I've forgotten how ******* awesome travelling is, and underestimated how ******* awesome Brazil was going to be. I can get back into training and boring journal entries tomorrow.

Today was another step in Brazil's quest for the FIFA World Cup. I personally don't care about soccer at all, but the amount of excitement it generates out here is insane. I went to Rio's big beach (I don't even remember the name) where FIFA had set up huge screens right by the water for everyone to watch. As I was walking along the beach to the party there was tons of vendors selling random soccer or tourist related of the guys yells "Hey Amigo, you want flag?" I shake my head and as I'm walking by he whispers "You want cocaina? Cocaina?" Haha.

The game was alot of fun to watch out there. Brazil has such crazy energy. I'm a little tired, so I can't really do this story justice, but alas, I took pictures.

FIFA sets up big screens on the beach in Rio for showing Brazilian Games in the World Cup.

Aww, Jesse likes walks to walk on the beach during sunset =)

So this was my first outing past the grocery store without a more experienced housemate to lead the way. It worked out well getting out there, and I never felt alone for a second...however getting home wasn't the same story. I completely forgot which bus number was mine. I only had enough money for a couple bus fares, because I don't like to walk around dangerous places with my wallet. So not enough money for a cab, and to be honest I can't even give directions to where I'm staying in Portuguese if I tried. With no wallet, I also had no phone card or phone number of any of the guys at the gym. So I did what any idiot would do and rolled the dice, I guessed on which bus to take. Rio is a big city, with alot of buses. I ended up on the other side of town really fast. I walked around for a bit being frustrated, and spent a couple hours finding a bus back to the beach...I actually never found that bus back to the beach. Just the general vicinity. At that point I just walked around aimlessly looking for people that looked like they might speak english and could point me in the right direction after having a little laugh. I got pointed in the general direction of the original beach I was on but they said it was really far. They looked at me like I was a dead gringo when I explained my situation. I walked and found a diffrent beach, and decided I'd just follow the coast because it felt less helpless than random city streets. This lead me to a windy road with tunnels along a rocky that I followed for half an hour or so. Finally I stumbled upon a Sheraton Hotel, which was the ******* oasis in the desert today. Being a little stubborn, I walked past my glorious saviour just to see what was going to be around the corner, you know, in case I could save myself. It started to turn into a really shady area and the houses were starting to look like ghettos. Or 'favelas'. Eventually there were people hanging out, drinking, and blasting Lil Wayne. Knowing what kind of people listen to rap that terrible, I turned around and went back to the Sheraton. I explained my situation, got really lucky, spent my last 4$ to get on the internet, found the number for Dennis, called him, and he gave the hotel directions back to my place. Second time Dennis has been my 911.

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