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Gringo class

Warm up with the half guard passes from last day. Technique today was side control escapes. Number one is positioning. Nearest hand to them is cupping at their waist, other hand is flat against your stomach. This is different than what my instructor teaches, who prefers the cross face. Saulo likes the former position, so I have no issues giving it a try. Once in the defensive position, first escape is to shrimp out multiple times to create space, and dive in head first to their stomach, trap a leg, hands flat on the mat, legs extended and ass up, pivot around the trapped leg and drive with your shoulder. Second escape is to bridge in the direction of the cupping hand, and drive under like the first time, except this time with your hands flat on the mat and not trapping a leg. Commonly people will have their arms wrapped around your torso, this is where you pick a side, and do a big step out with the far foot, driving your elbow behind their neck and your head into their back. So you step through and drive them forwards, then pivot to get behind them from the turtle position.

Gerbil had us drills these alot. His classes have a very simple but solid format. Just a couple techniques on a common theme or position, then chain them together and drill them. Everything gets absorbed by the end of class. Awesome.

Then we did positional drills from side control. I got to get on top of Dennis, the black belt that organizes all of us international travellers. I kept good control but wasn't able to advance position, I got reversed every time I tried. Did some more of those. Then Gerbil had us do groups of three, with one guy being the pivot, meaning the other two are alternating picking on one guy who is in a bad position. If the pivot gets tapped he does 25 pushups. We switch off every minute or two, and inbetween switches the pivot does 10 burpees. Brutal stuff. I tapped a purple once when he was getting pivoted with an americana. When I was getting pivotted I got tapped I think twice, one was a bow and arrow choke and I don't remember the other.

Then I got an 8 minute round with a white belt. I got a tennis ball to hold, which as I mentioned earlier is how Gerbil handicaps the higher belts. I tapped him the first time, then had to hold two tennis balls. I did very well with the tennis balls. I think it affects me less because I use less grips than most Gi guys because I'm often not in a Gi. I pulled off a very nice move that I invented while I was daydreaming about MMA. I locked in an arm triangle from mount, then jumped to side control to threaten it and tighten it a bit, then knee on belly, then I crept up with the knee to his armpit and somewhat awkwardly but somewhat looking like I knew what I was doing, threw my other leg over his head and took the trapped arm with an armbar. Sexy move.

I hurt my shoulder again today. It feels like not a big deal most of the time but I do one wrong thing and it gets painful real fast.
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