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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I completely agree going to the ground is the worst thing to do in a street encounter. But I don't agree that kickboxing is the best option. I think a skilled kickboxer can rip a street brawler to shreds, but an unskilled kickboxer has a legitimate shot at getting KOed in an extended encounter. And there is no such thing as a guaranteed flash KO to end the encounter quickly.

With a standing grapplin art(throwing arts like Judo, Japanese Jiu-jutsu, or Sambo) you can get your opponent on the ground with total ease and then either run, like a normal person, or "stomp them" like a loon!

Of course this is all assuming the opponent doesn't have a gun or knife. If he does have a gun, give him what he wants and hope he doesn't kill you. If he's got a knife, hope your adrenaline inspired running the F*** away is faster than his crazed knife-wielder running!
In a perfect world you would be 100% right.

I am ashamed to say, but if any of my mates got taken to the ground ive kicked the guy on top in the head every time. And every time its been a brutal KO before my friend got his.

The ground in a street fight is death, if you end up there try to surrender or beg anything to escape with your health or life.

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