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Pahuyuth - "30 Exercises" workout

A free one hour workout routine ...

Youtube description:

The "30 Exercises" workout is a typical Pahuyuth training method that has fascinated generations of Pahuyuth students and still does. All our new students (Lugsidt) go through this workout when they start to learn Pahuyuth.

The exercises themselves were developed and arranged to build up and maintain the body for a broad variety of fighting purposes (including ground fighting). If you do it in the right manner, it's a highly compressed all-inclusive workout that keeps you fit, healthy and even teaches your body some invaluable fighting techniques and reactions - all at the same time!

The best thing is: You don't need to buy anything and you can do it wherever you want, even in a hotel room. All you need is a solid floor, a wall, a clock or stopwatch and about an hour of time.

How to: Just do the exercises as shown in the video. Each exercise stands for a single set with a predefined number of reps or a duration. The right amount or duration for each exercise is displayed in the upper left corner of the video. Try to go through all of the 30 exercises without rest.

My personal advice is to start off with maybe two or three times a week in order to give your body a few days for regeneration in between. Make sure that the exercises are performed correctly to get the most out of it.

As mentioned above the 30 exercises are basically for beginners. If you feel, that the exercises are becoming too easy for you, feel free to double the amount or try a "Qualification of Physical Power - Level 0" workout, which can be found here:

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