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Gringo class.

Warm up with our side control escapes. Technique today was more side control escapes.

From the bottom defensive position. They have the far underhook, hands clasped, shoulder pressure in your neck or face. Inside hand is cupped on their hip, far hand reaches across their face, grabs at the collar for a crossface, elbow drives their head up, hand swims for underhook. Once underhooked grab at their back or at their belt and pull yourself down, sliding your elbow out to base as you come out and around. End at them turtled with your hip flat against their butt, hands controlling at the belt and inside hips.

That's the basic escape, then from there we learned some techniques when they do a wizzer from this position. First technique as they wizzer you shuffle walk around their back side and keep going, their own wizzer forces them to roll over into side control. Easy. Second technique, again with the wizzer, grab tight at their belt and clamp your arm against their back tight, because this is going to be a point of leverage. Next, your leg nearest their but is standing while the other knee drives flat against their knee, pulling with the clamped hand, and swinging you body under. This technique Gerbil calls "Jumping under the bus" because you're essentially driving yourself under them and throwing them over. You end up in side control. Sexy move.

Then we drilled these positions from side control for like 20 minutes. I did pretty good but tweaked my shoulder yet again. It's weird, it'll be fine but a little sketchy, then all of a sudden I'll do one thing a little too far and it'll be an extremely sharp pain basically rendering it useless for like 10 seconds, then it fades away pretty fast.

Then at the end we did a ten minute roll. The rules were, if you get tapped you have to do 25 pushups at the end of the round, the guy who taps you has to hold a tennis ball for the rest of the roll. If you don't get a submission, you have to do 100 pushups. I got a blue who I have some size on, he caught a simple collar choke on me and tapped me out. I got him in a triangle but he defended it well, I rolled him into a mounted arm triangle then transitioned to an armbar, he tried to roll out but I followed through and tapped him with that. Rest of the match was pretty even. That's class

I got the last of the pics of my last fight sent to me from BC MMA Fan. I was glad to see they got a pic of the armbar.

Ive got more good news. The house just got a new addition, our gym has shipped in a Muay Thai instructor to help prepare Raphael Dos Anjos for his upcoming UFC fight with Clay Guida. I met this guy yesterday and he was telling us a bit about himself. He used to train Kenny Florian, among other names. I cant wait to get some more legitimate muay thai training. Brazil just became the best of both worlds, striking and grappling. Im aiming to work up to do a BJJ gi class and a muay thai class everyday, and maybe substitute one or the other for a no gi class...then some burpees on saturday. This is going to get my technical skills soaring for when I get back.
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