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Gringo Class

Warmup with side control escapes from yesterday. Technique today was more side control escapes, this time from the scarf hold.

Numero um - when they are doing the scarf hold but they are leaning back towards your legs...reach your outside hand around the inside of your outside leg, swing your body for some momentum, and bring the leg over the guys head, the hand inside your knee is cupping at their chin, drive to reverse them into their side control. Sexy move.

Numero dois - when they are doing the scarf hold but leaning chest to chest, grab at the collar and crossface, other hand grabs the belt. Shrimp out, probably multiple times, until you can sit up and essentially put all your weight into driving your forearms to reverse the position.

Numero tres - when they are doing the scarf hold but instead of taking the far underhook, they are reaching under your head, grabbing their own pant leg and basically headlocking you - gable grip behind their back, walk your legs towards them you're essentially spooning, bridge slightly that way for momentum before bridging the opposite way to drive them over.

We drilled the position, then did the pivot thing for a hardcore workout, with lots of bodyweight exercises inbetween. Then I had a ten minute round with a white belt and tapped him with an armbar.

My instructors seem to want me to compete in the Rio Open in 3 weeks or so. I'm strongly considering it, just for the experience.
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