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Dietary wise: I'm eating less. Not eating nearly as healthily as I want to, but am eating less, which is a step in the proper direction. Since I live at home still--a terrible predicament in and of itself--I have to eat the food cooked at home(mostly because I'm too lazy to cook for myself some of the time)and that food in rather unhealthy. Been drinking unnaturally massive amounts of water...I suspect I am growing gills as a side-effect.

Workout wise: I have been doing little in the ares of liftings. I'm more concerned with perfecting technique(I've decided to change my stance from a lower centered Karate style to a more versatile taller style, since I'm not afraid of being on the ground or taken down, and hate getting leg kicked with much of my weight on my lead leg).

I have also been working on developing much better cardio. At one point(about a year ago)I had really great cardio--comparatively to today--but I got complacent, and ruined it. Now I'm working damage control to try and get things back. I recently got my hands on a treadmill and hope to get it installed in my home gym very shortly!

Goal Change: My original goal was to compete in a pure Amateur tournament next May. That has changed, though its still a possibility its now on the back burner. After a discussion with a friend of mine, he and I will both be going to and competing in the Arnold Martial Arts Festival in Columbus, March 3rd-6th. Its a sanctioned Amateur competition, much better than the BS I was going to compete in. I will be competing the kickboxing round-robin tournament. Which means I should probably start training actual kickboxing not for clinch makes me sad...

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