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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
So, I was training with some of my friends at K-ONE Fitness in San Francisco. For those nearby, I highly recommend the coaching there. Stephan Goyne, who's now a BJJ blackbelt, is a phenomenal instructor and the training partners are great.

I was rolling with a couple of different people during the sparring portion of the class and afterwards and one of the things that struck me as I was rolling was the pronounced difference in attitude between myself and a lot of the other students.

I'm still getting my game back up to 100% after months of a certain level of negligence in judo, but I find that I still have a level of comfort under physical pressure. When someone is putting pressure on my legs trying to pass my guard, or pressuring me in side control, I don't panic.

With a lot of things that I've been working on, I've actually had a moment where I realized that its not helpful to panic. I don't think I ever had that in jiu-jitsu. It's one of those things. I've just slowly stopped being worried when I feel weight on top of me.

I don't know where that comes from, but it seems so fundamentally necessary to good (or even passable) jiu-jitsu, it's just more important to think about what's next. With effective use of really important positions in a lot of jiu-jitsu games, just thinking about what's next is important, regardless of the weight that's being placed on you.

I've spent a lot of time working on X-guard and deep half guard, and I'll probably get into those later in the week, this was just a thought from the workout last night.
I have a big problem with this. I can't handle pressure very well. Do you think one can learn to control himself or that it will just come to him?

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)
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