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Originally Posted by Btwestyo
Ill shell the extra 10 bucks if its worth it? Is it? How does the glove compare to the other? I dont get the thumb thing what are the benefits since theres no protection around the thumb.

I hope the regular isn't too big for me cause my hand is only 3 3/8 across the palm.

What do you think between these two. Top Contender Grappling Gloves at
Everlast MMA Synthetic Leather Open Palm Grappling Gloves from Everlast Boxing & Sportswear

The thing with the ringside is it looks kinda weird maybe cause theres not picture with hands through it? I just wanna make sure I am buying something good for the price.
The Everlast MMA gloves shown there are exactly like the POS cheap sets that I've seen in WalMart. Yes folks, WalMart sells MMA gear. The only thing they don't have on the WalMart sets is the Everlast logo.

The Styling of the Top Contender grappling gloves is exactly like the Ringside Grappling Gloves. In fact, I almost suspect that they are the same glove (just different logos) which is probably why they have them pictured that way.

Now the thumb cover is based off of your personal preferance. You shouldn't be hitting with your thumb, so I don't see the need for it. However, since I own both types of gloves (I bought them while they were on sale during Christmas) I can offer you some insight:

The Top Contender Grappling gloves are a little more roomy, and offer a little more freedom of movement. You could actually use a short set of hand wraps under the gloves.

The Quick Strike gloves are a bit stiffer and feel more restrictive when balling your hands up into a fist. This would probably go away after breaking them in, but they aren't as comfortable as the other set right "out of the box."

The Quick Strike gloves do not have as long a set of wrist wraps. They offer a plenty of wrist support, but if you are one who likes to have the gloves as snug or as comfortably loose as possible you don't have quite the same leeway.

Aside from that, the Regular should fit fine on you. Like I previously said, I find both sets to be great gloves. If you want to make the decision easier, if you order by phone and tell them you have catalog code "YD" you can get the Top Contender Grappling Gloves for the catalog sale price of $24.99. It'll save you a few bucks.

Hope that helps.

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