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Today's training went well, I did a light workout stretched and had some help from a friend of mine with the bag-work.

It is becoming essential if I want to focus on the punching bag that I have some help. I am wrapping with 108-inch cotton wraps then putting a handwrap glove on from everlast, both of these go under my 12oz everlast boxing gloves.

It is great having the protection, I can work on increasing my power shots without having to worry as much, my technique on the punches is getting crisper.

I am using my cell phone to record some of the training. So far I've got five 30-second videos.

It may not be a whole lot, but they definitely help me see where I am not using technique and trying to use way too much power for no result.

It was amusing I could barely hold my soap in the right hand after the 90 minute session on the bag today...the 20-24oz weight is tough to get used to.

I found out my pal was a wrestler in highschool, he outweighs me by 30-pounds at 200.00. He is a bit shorter by a couple inches.

I did a full-mount practice with him with he having the dominant point on top.

It took me about 30-45 seconds to escape: I trapped his hands at first then blasted 4-5 shots to his face, started to roll out, got to quarter guard on the ground,he was working on getting me flattened out but it didn't work, I went to the ground again and got back into the disadvantage point for full mount with one leg trapped got that worked out from beneath and went for a scissor leg-lock around his gut. This leg-lock opened him up for several face-shots then the drill was up.

Overall it wasn't a bad 1st drill, hopefully we can work together to improve my strength on the ground in a disadvantaged situation.

I don't know how well the leg-locks work in martial arts, but the two times in my life that I've sunk one in it made my opponent tap in about 4-8 seconds after it was sunk.

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