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Gringo Class

Warmup with side control escapes from the other day. Then we worked the three side control escapes into a turtle facing opponent, then the kick through and around. Then from the kick through we learned to take the back...nearest hand grips their nearest tricep, other hand on the inside of their far thigh, arm straightens to create a temporary gap, stick your leg in, far hand reaches for an underhook and grips their forearm. Tip them to the side of the the leg that isn't hooked, lifting their body with that knee to get the final hook in. Both arms underhook and grip high at their collar, turning at the wrists so the collar drives their neck forwards. Now we're in seated mount.

We learned three finishes from seated mount, but there's one thing unique about Gerbil's seated mount. He wants you to have a gap between yourself and your opponent, whereas most will teach to be tight to their back. He explains that this is to keep them from bridging back and making life difficult for you. You scoot back pushing off with your legs and pin your head to their back. Anyways, the chokes:

1. one arm reaches over their shoulder, back of hand curves against their face for a deep collar grip. Other arm reaches for their lapel. The real power in the choke is in the elbow of the choking grip. Rip that elbow over the back of their shoulder and they'll tap fast.

2. With a more shallow grip but of the same set up, other arm traps their free forearm, they'll fall to the side to try to escape. Once again rip at the elbow and twist with your shoulder forwards and your body back, it's like a bow and arrow choke without the legs.

3. Bow and arrow choke, same set up, hand that isn't choking grabs their nearest leg on the outside, lift your legs out of the hooks and off to the far side, driving with the legs while lifting his and pulling at the collar.

We drilled these as combos starting from the side control. Then we rolled just a couple rounds. I got a white belt near my sized and dominated positionally. But the americana I did was sloppy and I ****ed up an armbar transition from the arm triangle that Gerbil scolded me on later. I need to go slower and focus on doing it technically perfect while I'm with the white belts, so less rushing it, and more controlled. Otherwise did well. Then I got another white belt that we scrambled around in alot of positions with no subs either way. Got to roll Gerbil for the second time, he seemed to sweep me at will, but I managed to find my balance and fight off one or two. Regardless, I got positionally dominated and tapped 2-3 times. I don't even remember what I got tapped with, but at least one was an armbar.

I feel alright. Body was a bit sore today and my knee made a really loud popping sound, during rolling. It feels alright now though. We'll get through tomorrow and then get some rest. I gotta talk to this Muay Thai guy and see when he starts running muay thai classes so I can start getting the two a days going.
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