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Unorthodox Martial Arts

Hey all,
TL;DR- I'm looking to get back into MMA, but I would prefer using an unorthodox Martial Arts style for striking. I've been looking at Krav Maga *Hybrid* And Real Aikido but I heard aikido isn't good for anything and Krav Maga isn't great for organized matches. Any suggestions? Also, I live in Los Angeles so good gyms aren't a problem to find. I just need help with my technique. I'm going for BJJ for ground grappling.

Long story for people who actually give a shit. (No one):

Ever since age 5 I've been training in martial arts (Began with kung fu, hated it). Around 7-8 years old I started BJJ but had to stop due to school. However my cousin does MMA in Brazil as a Mui Thai Kickboxer and Judoka, so I've kept a close eye on MMA tournaments such as UFC, Pride, and K-1 ever since.

Recently (I'm now 15, 4 more months 'till I'm 16) I've been looking to get back into MMA now that I'm a bit older and have time for these things. Boxing and kickboxing don't appeal to me what so ever, and Mui Thai seems over used, and thus, more predictable in the ring. I've been looking at Krav Maga and Aikido mostly due to the throws, standing locks, and ground n pound potential that they offer. Though, SCUTTLEBUTT points out that Real Aikido just isn't very good, and that Krav Maga is really only good for street fighting.

So tips, anyone?
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