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There are very few styles I would coin as unorthodox. Aikido and (Shaolin) Kung Fu being most principle in my mind among them. Since Kung Fu doesn't interest you, and Aikido does lack a lot of useable techniques, I personally don't see things like Karate as unorthodox because Karate in general is an Art that is fairly direct and to the point; I don't use the stance being right leg back or right leg forawrd to determine the orthodoxy of a Martial Art or style. There are few aspects of a kata I would consider useless, that is not so true for some unorthodox styles.

I humble suggestion: You'll learn whatever you feel best. Look around a bit on the internet and in reality, go visit the schools from any Art that peaked your on-line interest and see if it still draws your attention when you see live bodes practicing it. If you like it, find it effective and worth it, go for it.

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