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Gringo class

Warmed up with side control escapes. Technique today was defending the baseball slide pass. First defense if they don't under hook is to deflect the sliding knee to the outside with both hands, go belly down and tackle a leg. Second defense when they do underhook, deflect the knee with the underhooked hand, free hand shoots under their body, spinning underneath them and coming out the other side, then you can move to back control. Third escape was when they have side control and are working in a knee across the belly to take mount. Get a grip on the leg that isn't trying to slide across, then block the knee that is coming across with other hand. As they force the knee on belly across, lift at the other one and shrimp your body to take half guard on the other side. If you shrimp in one direction, then the other, you can take half guard with plenty of space between the two of you, so you can move around to take back.

Then we rolled. I got 2 white belts that I beat but didn't do anything amazing with. I keep trying to force the armbar out of an arm triangle but it's too haphazard. I might want to toss that silly transition aside. Then I rolled a purple and a smaller blue and had some back and forth but overall got dominated by both. Good class. Good week. Shoulder hurts but it'll be fine.
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