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Originally Posted by Syxx Paq View Post
to be fair, the first and third thing you listed are legitimate BS. i hate how counter takedowns are auto success, if not for that and how damn hard it is to get off your ass, i wouldnt mind. but it just seems im trying everyway i can, and him throwing strikes DOSENT help me get up... the 'F?
You have to time the sweep with the strikes, as he goes back or as they come in major transition and push them off. If you just keep trying to sweep over and over you'll either gas and get subbed or reversed to the mount.

Something I do a lo off my back that is pretty effective is to throw up a sub and run both of you into a gas state. Then just cover up and recover while the guy on top continues to punch himself out, then put another sub on him, you'll have your energy and he'll be punched out, easy first round sub, haha.

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