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Today was good, I spent about 45-mins working on the ji-jitsu.

I can hardly remember most of the day I am utterly beat.

I had a good lunch with some friends we went to this one world resturant place...I can't remember what country in africa the food was but it was of that variety.

The rice was really good, along with the small portioning of chicken in some sort of curry. It would have been better if we had the hot-sauce more than likely.

After lunch I and a friend ran 4-miles in about half an hour. After the run we hit a weight room and worked for about another half hour.

I ended up doing some machine-work on:

Shoulder presses: sets of 6 @ 80-pounds, 100, 115 & 150
Triceps work: sets of 6 @ 80 pounds, 115 & 130
Ab Curls: set of 6 @ 80 pounds, 100, 115 & 130
Hip Presses: set of 3 @ 80 pounds, 115, 150, 170 or 80, and 250 and worked my way back to 80 and did 21 presses at 80 for the finale of the time in the weight room.

After that we hit a pool to cool off and relax. Half-way in 15-20 minutes, on the left/outside of my left knee started to seize shut. It felt like the muscle was contracting I think.

I was good after a short stretch on a life-guards tower.

I decided after that small injury and one on my left instep from yesterday that I should lay off the hour on the punching bag today.

I ended the day with about 2-hours of borderlands playing with my training partner.

I feel the effects of the curl presses, and hip presses my core aches along with my ass

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