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.... except for those few raised the wild who learn drunken monkey combat from watching actual monkeys who have gotten into the british explore's brandy reserves. it's simply far too late for you to do that; you already know how to use your opposable thumbs.

psychologically you have to find the nitch that you understand yourself and that no one else can see, so its natural to you, but it unorthodox for everyone else.

look at keith jardine & lyoto machida when they first started:

KJ: no one knew how do deal with this guy who was practically sitting on a stool his stance was so low and crouched, and the wild out there shots coming in from way back and way down; his over hand right was overhand for him, but since he was so low, it came straight in on your level, so body reacts to overhand right but punch come in as right hook. but, after seeing that move enough times you learn what is natural for him and you can counter it.

LM: no one was using karate and no one could figure out how to remove that advantage of speed or range or fluidness. it was SO orthodox it was unorthodox to everyone else. but again once you see that style and break it apart you can see where the holes are and you take the style apart again.

my point?
1) just like in the old kung fu movies, they never wanted to show their secret move for fear other's would find the weakness to it if it was seen and the person survived. the same if for whatever unorthodox style you bring in, someone will be able to break it down eventually, everyone has a weakness in their particular style.

2) don't go looking for the super outlandish simply because it is different. sometimes the very old ways are different enough that you don't have to go out inventing new things. as a literary villain once said, "Read a book, people!"


Carley Simon, thanks for writing that song about me!
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