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God damn it! Son of a bitch! My balls! Ow!

That about covers it. I have been training for the amateur Kickboxing tournament happening at the Arnold Festival in Columbus for only two days now, and I have already injured that a record?

I was training on the heavybag last night, mixing punches and kicks, working on footwork/head movement/timing and changing levels. I also got a little playful and decided to throw in some spinning back kicks to change range with style! When that wasn't enough I started throwing a spinning back kick to get the bag swining wildly, followed by a side thrust kick to counter the momentum. This was working nicely in conjunction with a solid jab-cross-bob combination, until I landed the side thrust at head level instead of trunk(got overexcited) and my leg slid up and back. I cannot in words articulate how much it hurt my junk when my groin pulled!

I ended the session early, fearing further injury, and headed upstairs for ice and TV to help with recovery(few know the amazing regenerative abilities of MTV!). After a few hours of sitting, I was all anxious so I started shadowboxing in the living room. This was going fine until I threw a lazy roundhouse and landed in a low stance, which overextended the recovering bits. I think one of my testicles I iced some more, wimpered like a pansy, and eventually went to bed unhappy with myself.

I woke up today and found I now have a constant dull ache. This seems like progress and implies it wasn't as bad as I feared, so I'm excited to continue training. Also assuming my buddy is alive after work, he's agreed to help me move my new treadmill into my home gym, so I can finally get the level of cardio I want, whenever I want! Though nothing is quite as useful as running on the actual Earth, I enjoy a treadmill more. I think it's the ability to shrug, get off and go do something else at a moment's notice, not half an hour's notice.

Also: on a separate note, I am having difficulty not throwing elbows and going for the clinch when I get close to the bag. Its so ingrained I will grab the bag, throw 3-5 knees then stop and realize what I'm doing and then cuss at myself for several minutes. Also I'll come in with a solid lead hook, then roll over and slam a rear elbow. I have done this combo in training for MMA about ten thousand times, and not being allowed to do it at all in training for this tournament is f*cking annoying beyond words!

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