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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
i think i blow at this game, just rented it (heard it blows) ive had 4 amateur fights... I've been brutally KO'd 4 times

Its not like im getting my ass kicked, im landing 2-3 times the strikes and just dominating then I get 1 shot KOed out of no where.
This was my big problem when I originally began playing. In career, I just shot up my striking defense so I could take a ton of damage but it seems like it is extremely easy to be knocked out early in your career.

Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Dude im getting Really good at this game now... Im 103 wins and 30 losses, which is just OK, but if the fight goes the the ground, im confident, and im comfident in my subs, and my clinch is NASTY.

And the best part of my game is my nasty, nasty stand up! I can reverse people about 90% of the time, and barely ever get reversed back ever....

If anyone wants any tips on this game, or think they can compete for even 1 round, send me a message on Xbox Live or a Friends Request.... My Xbox Live ID is

II Statiko II

Hit me up! So i can hit U in the Face!
You will probably beat me but I am always down to play. I just got my xbox live fixed so I can get on more often. My gamertag is ovechkin478. My dog broke my mic though so I have to buy another one sometime.

Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
Any tips on how to sub people without having to rock them to the point that they have no stamina

I am usually pretty good at getting subs when I rock my opponent. I just rotate the stick quickly and very smooth. If you hear clicking when you are spinning, then you are doing it wrong. Move it quickly, but make sure the stick is always touching the edge.

I also make my fighter have really good sub offense if I want submissions. My first fighter has submission wins over Velasquez, Big Nog, JDS, and Lesnar. I only lost 1 time in that career and it was when I got cocky and took down Mir...He arm barred me quickly...
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