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Originally Posted by UrbanBounca View Post
I was with someone that had it, and we had sex nearly everyday for almost three months. The chances of contracting it are almost none when they're not having an outbreak, and with a condom, it cuts those chances in half.

Long story short, I got out of the relationship with her, not because she had it, but because she had no goals. She was happy living off the government, and didn't want to better herself. There is no formal test for Herpes, unless YOU have an outbreak. There is no blood test to specifically test for Herpes. They have to test the 'blisters', if you get them at all. If you don't have a breakout within a month of having intercourse, you can safely assume you don't have it. (That's what two medical doctors have both told me.)
Well..after last night at my house I promise you HAVE it...

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