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thanks alot for the advice i have not lifted a wieght in about a year i feel my cardio going up i am down to 3 cigarets a day the school i go to American top team in Florida has muay thai and boxing classes i realy need to start losing weight i cannot keep up at 225 the weight division is just to much for me i want to lean out i have taken Miyama Ryu ju jitsu and judo for 3 years i was 14 at the time now i am 24 years old i always loved grappling eventually i want to compete what would be better for me muay thai or boxing they have some of the best coaches in both i never was a striker even as a kid i always would ground and pound but my stand up sucks which art do you think will be good for me i am going to start lifting weight again i used to play around with steroids since i was 16 so it is pretty tough to start lifting since the decrease in strength but my main goal is to get lean and in shape so i can train more and harder what are some of the good exercises to help balance,flexability, and coordination i read that i should stick to cable movements and push ups all kinds of body wieght exercise's i want to thank you guys for taking your time to help me i will be taking bjj 3 days a week the classes are 1 hour but after that class is a no gi class since my backround is in grappling i can go to the no gi class my friends at the school that are fighting already say that muay thai is better for me to take because it has much more devastating in the hands as well as feet what do you guys think with what kind of exercises i should do and also about the muay thai thank you so much
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