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Originally Posted by lsdownz
If you think Cotoure is going to smoke Sylvia, I wouldn't be so sure. If you look over Cotoures fights his biggest problems by far were against the big guys.
There is one HUGE difference between fighters like Couture and Silvia. Couture is a much smarter fighter.

Sylvia and Liddel are just what I would call "good fighters". They are not as intelligent as fighters such as Couture, BJ Penn and Hughes.

All three are very intelligent fighters and rely more on thinking through the fight rather than "looking for a knock out" as Liddel and Sylvia do.

SO, if anyone is going to be able to take out Sylvia, it is going to be a thinking fighter. Coming at Sylvia swinging as Andre does, you are not going to win.

I would agree that the odds are more in Sylvia's favor, but many seem to be factoring out the intelligent fighting factor.

Regarding Hughes, it is easy for people to dismiss him as a "dumb farm boy", but if you watch his fights, he has a very intelligent plan he executes every time he gets into the ring. THAT was why he was on top so long.

Regarding Cro cop, I believe people are OVER estimating his skills. He is essentially another Sylvia or Liddell. Big guy, hits hard, has a solid plan of attack and has great kicks. YET, he is not really a smart fighter, from what I have seen. He just has "big guns" and knows how to use them. That, I think, he is just going to add to the mix and I would not be surprised if Andre takes out Cro Cop. I would not be surprised at all.


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