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"We'll call this the BK-Crusher or something"

Okay training, training woo, woo!

So training has been going like this:
Lots of freestyle heavy bag work. Trying to get 2 hours of constant bag work in each day if I can.

Every day or two I have been working out with my sparring partner. We bounce back and forth between Sanshou(his comp) and American Kickboxing(my comp) each time we train so we can both get something important and as useful as possible out of each session. We usually spent 2-3 hours per day in said workouts, and when we don't finish too late for me to hit the bag and not keep the whole fam up, I include the 2 hour heavy bag session. Though some days a double workout is just wishful thinking!

Most recently, it was my partner's day to set up the workout it included takedowns, sparring, padwork, and a fun little HORSE competition between us on the heavy bag. One of us does a whole combination of kicks and/or punches and the other tries to do the same thing. Just like in a game of HORSE. After it was done he asked, "Do you think we did enough to get some Burger King?" I laughed and said, "No, but I want some!" Suffice to say, we gots da BK!

The next day I was sitting at work and decided that getting BK just wasn't going to cut it and we needed to burn off all the excess fat. So along with the usual set up of my day, i.e. HORSE, padwork, attack and defense drills, sparring, I wanted to include a rediculous circuit.
The circuit was thus:
1. Squat thrusts
2. Freestyle heavy bag work (vigorous)
3. Treadmill run (uncomfortable speed)
4. Medicine Ball throws (12lbs)
This was repeated for 3 sets, each area being for 2 minutes.

The squat thrusts were the killer of the day. Everything else was vigorous, but were all areas we trained rather regularly, so weren't too taxing on muscles used to the work. The squat thrusts were something we didn't usually do, ever, and they were horrific! I hit my face on the ground at least three times during the 3rd set. But it worked, sweat drenched and breathing hard we sat on the ground and decided that sparring wasn't gonna happen.

On the one side, I'm happy that the workout was very vigorous and effective, but I'm rediculously pissed we blew ourselves out and couldn't continue the session. We still peaked at around 2 hours, which I was happy with, but I would have prefered to have the gas tank for more!

So the battle continues to increase the reserves!

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