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Syxx Paq
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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
I was wondering when you'd show up and start complaining because you didn't get your points haha. Told you Carwin would get beat. Carwin hit him a few times hard the rest were baby slaps because he has no cardio.

If Brock was hurt enough to stop the fight he wouldn't have come out and dominated the second. Enjoy your lead while it lasts haha.
You do realize, i still have more points then you, and that i still have the unbeatable monster, so long as rosenthalls dosent show up. im gonna laugh when the judges give it to edgar again after five rounds of circling, jabs, and 2 takedowns.

When an elephant is down, even the ants will kick it, in this case, its certainly an elephant, and its more of a, the elephant killed the other one, only to find out that somehow thats not what happened.

special thanks to
Matt Hughes
Rashad Evans
Shane Carwin
Anderson Silva
and of course Gray Maynard

NPFFL: JDS, Bisping, Rampage, Kampmann
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