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Syxx Paq
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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
It took this long? Silva has a five round decision, Hughes fought once to a late stoppage and Rashad won a decision....The only reason you're ahead is because of Carwin's 1st round KO of Mir and Rashad had a main event that shouldn't have been a main event. Your ahead on Mir's ability to always let everyone down in a big fight, yet you brag like you picked the greatest team on the planet.....
So the biggest fight in history (at the time) DIDNT deserve its own PPV? WTF are you on? Rashad and Rampage would get a main event if it wre just a random thrown together card like 108 ended up being. the hatred and TUF just cements that THIS will sell biiiig time.

and as for my team, as much as you hate on it, it becomes clear, your just jealous, that you didnt get this lucky, thats all it is, is you wishing you had andys 5 round WIN instead of bjs 5 round non main event LOSS.

special thanks to
Matt Hughes
Rashad Evans
Shane Carwin
Anderson Silva
and of course Gray Maynard

NPFFL: JDS, Bisping, Rampage, Kampmann
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