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Originally Posted by gazh View Post
FFS who bet Newcastle?

Dont worry who ever it was just toally wasted there credits, like I did when I went all in on Paul Daley

Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
I'm gonna wait until I get some more coin, then I'm going big on Arsenal. Can't bet against my own team.

Arsène Wengers magic
He wears a magic hat
And when he saw the Double
He said I'm takin' that!

Build a bonfire
Build a bonfire
Put the scousers on top
United in the middle
And burn the ******* lot

I'm so pumped for this, and it's still over a month away.
Same team here, I am a big Arsenal fan, I too believe in great things in Arsneals future, this this seaosn will be better but I thin kthe season after will be where we really start to push again.

Thing is that many overlook about Arsène Wengers and the fact we have been short of trophy's for the last 6 years is the fact that we have spent big money on a new stadium, and make no mistake the Emirates is the most luxury ground in the country, even Chelsea love playing at our ground more than any other the surface is that good, could be why we been schooled by them so much in recent years that and Drogba and the skill they have in there team.

Anyway my point is we have spend loads on this stadium and have not been buying players as a result, we paid £100,000,000 off last year on the debt we have for the stadium skill and now only have £60,000,000 left to pay and that will all be done by the end of the season, basically the way Arsenal FC is run financially is the envy of every top Europium football club, during the time its took us to pay for the stadium we have spend next to nothing on players compared to any other club as constant in the Champions league as us.

I tell you now mate, I live in Essex and go to the games, and even the fans are pissed right now with our recent lack of success, and Wengers is under huge pressure to buy players and bring home the title, but he wont this season still even tho we will sing a few, but nothing big, our biggest players to join this seaon wil be free signings, even if/when we loose Fabregas we will not sign huge to replace him, but instead get by with Joe Cole on a free transfer, but even then during this spell we have not dropped out the top for or not been to the later roudn of the Champions leauge.

So my point is when we finish paying for the stadium next year, we are not the richest, all though one of the top 5 richest, but Arsenal FC makes more pure profit than any other football club in the world, which means our future is sound, most iof that profit has paid your stadium off stupidly fast, and as soon as we have that profit to bry players then we have one of the best tallent finders in the world with our Manager and will will once again have a sqod to match that of the Henry days.

Utd and Chelsea are laughing at us right now mate while under the false impression Wengers is not willing to spend big money on players and therefore we will never push and like I say some of our own fans are getting pissed off with it, but I say wait and see what happens when we finish paying for the Stadium, because those 2003/2004 days will be back strong I think, some thing it wont happen again for us, but 2 season from now mate, we will see.

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