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My 4th MMA fight (vid included)

This is my most recent fight, which took place a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to be the night before my birthday, but there were so many fights that I didn't get on until after midnight. Anyways, I was extremely proud of this fight, because it was the first time for several things...

It was the first time that I was able to assert myself immediately. Usually I'm in a zombie-like daze and I'm very passive until late in the first round. It was also the first time that I was able to use any type of defense. I work on my defense a lot in training, but it never showed in any of my fights. This time I was able to utilize my footwork to pretty good effect, parry once or twice, and even slip/duck a couple of shots. And finally, this is the first time that I went the distance.

I had been wondering whether or not I would be able to last the full 9 minutes and still be in good shape. I felt exhausted and sick after the first round, but I still managed to push through. What made me really proud was that I did this, despite the fact that I had been in the hospital two days prior for what appeared to be bronchitis. I was coughing up yellow and green shit even as I was warming up for the fight. (I blame my weakened cardio on that). Nonetheless, most people said that they didn't even notice that I was tired.

This was my toughest opponent to date and I was scared shitless of him and his reputation up until I was in fight mode. It was a great battle and won fight of the night!

Anyways without further rambling, here's the bootleg video I have of it. Camera man was asleep at the helm a few times, but it's the best I've got that isn't a friend's vid on FB or something.

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