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"I've already almost passed out twice today"

Training yesterday. It was a melancholy day. I was happy with a portion of my progress and felt all shit-biscuit about another portion.

We started off with partner stretches. I didn't know I could stretch to the point where my knee was at head level while standing. That was F-ing awesome!

Rolled on into some padwork. It felt okay but it was four-hundred-million degrees outside and I could feel my wind slipping away with each combination as I became more and more dehydrated.

Next came sparring. Since it was my partner's day to set up our training session, we were sparring by my(American Kickboxing)rules. I had planned to try and implement the strategy I have always wanted to and have recently been working extremely hard to develop. This strategy being the use of thrust kicks to control range, as well as roundhouse kicks to damage the opponent's body.

To a certain extent this worked. I started out keeping my opponent at distance just using footwork and threw several roundhouse kicks, a couple landed, most were blocked. I have to work on bettering my speed with lead leg roundhouses, and better set-ups for rear leg roundhouses.

As we went on, I started getting tired, very tired. I was out of gas. I attribute this to an unhealthy breakfast(cheese, lots of cheese)as well as dehydration, since we can usually spar for a significant time with little tiredness. My roundhouses came even slower, and my footwork became a helluva lot of work! My opponent took advantage and backed me into the corner. Normally he could have let me out, but I waved him on (we both know my guard is in need of work) so we started working the close game.

He sat in the pocket(or just outside of the pocket) and picked his shots. I deflected the first few. Then I started heaving, this is attributed to gassing as well as an adrenaline dump from being in the corner getting shots rained on me. He started landing a rear hand hook to the body rather regularly. I noticed his guard dropped slightly as he did this and started countering the body shot with a stiff jab to the face(I wish I would have utilized a solid cross as well, but the body hook was coming to my cross side and I was busy blocking and couldn't shift gears as fast as I would have liked!). I caught him on the nose once, eye once, both cheeks once or twice (if I remember correctly). I also started trying to use thrust kicks out of the corner to keep him out of his range (a few inches longer than mine). This worked at first but since I was rediculously gassed, the kicks had no snap and were little more than shoves with my foot.

After a few more minutes we ended the sparring session. I felt exhausted, but was happy I'd been able to implement most of my strategy and even though I would have lost on points I was landing rather solidly over and over. So I call it a success!

Next came body conditioning. We started with core conditioning. Chain punching to the abdomenals as laterals. It was at the end of this phase of training that I almost passed out the first time. I got dizzy, the edges of the world turned white and I couldn't feel my body. I stumbled back a step, sucked air, and was okay.

Next, my pops came over to help me change the oil on my truck. This isn't training but still, I almost passed out and I did say twice! When we were finished I climbed out from underneath and as I stood I got a wicked head rush. The whole world went white and I had to lean on the truck for a minute. My pops told me I was retarded for training outside in 90+ degree weather, but what does a former paramedic know right?

Dietwise, other than yesterday morning eating cheesy eggs for breakfast, I've been eating pretty good. Less and healthy(ish). I feel lighter, but this may all be in my head. Its generating a sense of progress though which is nice.

Overall, I'm happy with my progress, but I'm no fool. I'm far, very far, from being able to compete at any level. I've still got a fair amount of weight to lose to get to approx. 190-195(within my chosen weight division) and my skills aren't up to par with what I expect from a competitor. I've still got over 200 days, and I'm excited to keep bettering myself and witnessing improvement.

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