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Originally Posted by luger0 View Post
This is the best thing to train in mate,

I have spent a fair deal of time up to 4 hours out in 85-90 degree weather in my shed/gym.

The key is you need to have someone who'll keep giving you sips of water every 5 minutes.

I have found ya it is great to train longer than five minutes but if you want to be safe you need to limit to that period of time if that is what the round length is going to be.

It sorta sucks for me when I put on my gloves, I can't open a bottle of water...maybe get one of those pull-tab mouth deals.
Yeah, the potenital, both for calorie burning, as well as for cardiovascular health, of training at high temperatures is huge! I like the potential, I just failed to properly hydrate.

I have the same problem with my gloves, I train in 16oz'ers and it really limits my hydrating ability. Also I get into it when I'm doing really anything to the point where most of my mind zones out. Its a good thing because I train for longer without realizing it, but I lose a lot of situational awareness.

Ideally I could find a corner man, or actually train in rounds, for a short period of recovery. As of now for sort of a crash cardio course I've been sparring without rounds, trying to push my cardio harder. Adding at least some level of organization would likely be helpful.

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